The venue

How to get here ?

Public transport


  • The direct train takes about one hour to reach Orléans by train (from Paris-Gare d'Austerlitz).
  • Notice that there is no reservation for this route: just buy a ticket and take any train. Don’t forget to mention if you are less than 25 years old when buying your ticket (the price is lower in this case!).
  • There are 2 train stations in Orléans: ”Les Aubrais Station" and "Orléans Station". You should get off at “Orléans Station”. In both cases, you have to take the tramway-line A to get to the University


  • Line A (direction Hôpital la Source), station "Université Château" (see the plan of the line A).


  • Line 7 (direction Cheques Postaux), station "Université Château"

By Car

  • A10 > Paris - Orléans - Bordeaux
  • RN20 > Paris - Orléans - Toulouse
  • RN60 > Orléans - Montargis - Sens
  • RN152 > Tours - Blois - Orléans - Fontainebleau
  • RN157 > Orléans - Chateaudun - Le Mans

Access to Campus DEG

Access for pedestrians

Faculty of Law, Economics and Business (Faculté de Droit, Economie et Gestion, DEG)

11 rue de Blois, 45067, Orléans




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